SMART CAST permanent formwork panel

SMART CAST panel is a formwork and embedding solution for slab networks both simple, reliable and economical to optimize all the phases of completion of your floors in armoured wood. SMART CAST formwork plates replace traditional ceramic backing plates, bringing new features to the formwork.


Plates are delivered numbered and stored in the order of installation These are put in place on site thanks to the a map of repair provided and thus allow to reconstitute the plan of building at scale 1. The license plates are predefined according to the general level of the building.

3 en 1

  1. Formwork skin
  2. Pre-finished ceiling cladding to paint *
  3. Support for integration of fluid networks

* Finish with Primed-Coated Regul'Air + Paint


Customized services

  • Tray 4 colors on the upper side
  • Tray 4 colors on the underside
  • Pre-cut reservations to exact dimensions
  • Pre-cut shorelines
  • Material losses included in the price
  • Compatible with modular aluminum partitioning systems (maximum 130 mm spacing)


  • Without formwork
  • Seamless facing
  • Excellent consistency & agrave; the slab with conical rim
  • Resistant to shocks and bad weather
  • Ergonomic and safe
  • Acoustic performance
  • Without VOC mission
  • CSTB Technical Notice N° 2388
  • CE Certificate


(1) Data Sheet
(2) Safety Data Sheet
(3) Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) is an oriented file format. object intended, within the framework of the BIM, & gt; ensure interoperability between different numerical model software.